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Pierre Bellemare

Acrylic painting.

Pierre Bellemare’s fundamental inspiration is characterized by energy, rhythm and action, in relation to different cultural and musical mosaics. Through the use of color, light, texture and elements of calligraphy, musical creations unfold on canvas.

For the artist, color holds a vibration akin to music. This vibration invites us to see a world expressed through the power of abstraction, rather than pictures or words. This freedom of gesture, in full awareness of the present moment, relies on a foundation that springs from an amalgam of knowledge and artistic spontaneity.

For the creator, design, balance and structure are essential to deeply and powerfully express a painting in all its uniqueness.

«Beyond the joy of painting, the whole beauty of abstract art for me is the fact that it is boundless. Each person, regardless of their culture or background, can see themselves in it and experience their own emotions».

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