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Nathalie Lapointe

Oil painting.


Nathalie Lapointe lives in the Lanaudière area of Quebec, Canada. She begins to express herself in the arts by drawing from the age of 8 years old, touching plastic arts and  then using the watercolor to create emerging environments.  Using shades and shapes, she gave life to landscapes born from her imagination. Oil painting and a formation on fine arts lead her to the interpretation of figurative subjects, from portrait to still life. This work was made in the same time as her career as secondary school teacher. Since 2008, the artist’s share has grown and she decided to make a turn towards this career that calls her; She devotes herself to it full-time. Her aspiration is to find a way to render her subjects in a personal language, and this language is sometimes expressed in the lines of urban universes, sometimes in the fantastic universes of cities grafted to the cliffs or in the mid-abstract of ships at sea. Above all this, she has a journey between balance and imbalance, light and dark and besides the finition of the unfinished.

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