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Joanie Rémillard

Mixed Art

Showing lightness and fluidity, the works of Joanie Rémillard communicate the endless energy of colours and movement, which both fascinate and overwhelm. Her art provokes emotions of joy, intrigue, euphoria and melancholy. Through her work, we are reminded of the emotions that are an integral part of life and that change is inevitable. Everything is eventually transformed.

By layering different materials (plaster, acrylic, metallic pigments, and epoxy resin) on large-scale canvases, Remillard creates textures that evoke depth and sensuality. Whether abstract or transparent, the energy in Remillard’s work is unveiled in an expressive manner through the use of colourful, bright and dark brushstrokes.  Her abstract work shows different light effects and a variety of movements that reflect our inner emotions.

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