Hugo Landry

Hugo Landry

Acrylic Painting.

Hugo Landry is a young artist in his thirties who lives in Québec city. While his visual art studies gave him the opportunity to develop artistic thinking, his design baccalaureat permitted him to handle more freely with the power of colours.

Using only a spatula, acrylic paint and wood/canvas frames, he puts colours on the frame and scrapes the pigments to throw into relief colours and textures, thus creating nuances and rich gradations. His artistic way of painting takes its roots in the movement and material. The colours vibration brings to life each one of his painting into an abstract and bright universe. The artist knows rarely the final form of his art work. It is this part of the unknown and spontaneity that gives the whole meaning to his painting.

His paintings are exhibited in several art galleries in the province of Quebec. As an artist Hugo involves himself in various humane causes, such as Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Let’s Bond for mental health issues and GRIS-Québec.

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