Pop-Up Exhibition

 “Light On”: A Private Collection from Quebec

April 4th – April 28th, 2018

Jutras’ Art Gallery is very pleased to open the 2018 gallery spring season with a pop-up exhibition “Light on”: a Private Collection from Quebec.

The concept of a pop-up exhibition is interesting: it is a temporary art event, that allows a collector to bring closer his or her collection to the public. In fact, pop-ups allow galleries of all sizes to expand their programming and explore non-traditional exhibitions.

More and more collectors are opening their own exhibition spaces to promote the work of living artists.  Moreover, collectors of contemporary art must be proactive about developing the aura of their collection.

Known for her passion for contemporary Quebec art, Josée Jutras has created an outstanding collection over the past ten years. By combining emerging artists from the French-Canadian province, she wants to reach a new audience in a unique way. This wide selection of works reflects her taste and curiosity. It’s another contribution to the existing richness of private exhibition spaces in Toronto.

Jutras Art Gallery was established in Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood in May 2017. The gallery helps artists bridge the gap from emerging to established and supports organizations that provide the best opportunity to advance their career trajectory.

Contemporary works by Sylvain Tremblay, Ognian Zekoff, Yoakim Bélanger, Robert Ouellet, Sebastien Riopel, Joanie Rémillard, Gisèle Boulianne, Daniel Beauchamp, Guy Hamelin, Janique Grenier and Bélal Vévé, Monique T. Laxer.

Sylvain Tremblay

Ognian Zekoff

Robert Ouellet

Sébastien Riopel

Joanie Rémillard

Gisèle Boulianne

Daniel Beauchamp

Guy Hamelin

Yoakim Bélanger

Janique Grenier and Bélal Vévé

Monique T. Laxer