Danielle Julien

Danielle Julien

Mixed Art

Bachelor’s degree in Arts Education (1988)
and a Bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts (1990).

Since 1983, I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions along with a teaching career at the Université du Québec and Colleges in Shawinigan and Moncton NB.

My works have taken place in Canadian galleries (Montréal, Ottawa, Québec city, Baie St-Paul and Trois-Rivières) and in Europe (France and Sweden). Some of them have been acquired by Collections like Loto Québec and the City of Trois-Rivières.

Founder and director of the multidisciplinary workshop De la Factrie au dessin, I pursue my artistic practice mainly in the fields of drawing and painting.

Essentially, I came back to painting and drawing for the simplicity of expression. My creation process is, above all, a state of receptivity and renunciation that favours a very intuitive and spontaneous approach in the making of my work.

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