Pierre Bellemare's fundamental inspiration is characterized by energy, rhythm and action, in relation to different cultural and musical mosaics. Through the use of color, light, texture and elements of calligraphy, musical creations unfold on canvas.


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    Her contemporary, colorful and expressive style reflects the intensity of urban life. Gisele's work uses photography, painting, collage, and painting to create a dynamic composition of lines and forms of energy of the 21st century.

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    Born in Montreal in 1957, Charles Carson has been devoing himself entirely to his art since 1983. Over the years he has participated in numerous exhibition in Canada, The United States, Europe, Asia and South America. He has also spent 10 of these artistically productive years living in Colombia


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    Born in 1959 in Thetford Mines, Quebec, François Faucher has been painting and exhibiting his work on a regular basis since the age of 16. An architect by profession, he made the decision in 1989 to focus solely on painting.

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    “La fête” 48 X 36 in | 120 X 90 cm


    After graduating with a bachelor of arts from the Université de Québec à Outaouais in 1991, Diane Fontaine completed a certificate in graphic design from the Studio Salette in Montréal in 1987. She then worked as an illustrator and art professor for several years. In 2004, she dedicated herself entirely to acrylic painting.


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    “Vivre la différence” 36 X 48 in | 90 X 120 cm


    Born in 1967 in the Montérégie region of Quebec, painter Marc Galipeau has always been attracted to art. His elementary and high school years were tinged by multiple experiences in the field, and his participation in numerous contests cemented his growing passion for art.


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    “Renouveau” 40 X 40 in | 100 X 100 cm


    My creating process depends mainly on a state of receptiveness and aboandonment from wich emotion is the key driving force of creation. I experiement with various medium (painting, drawing, engraving, printing and assembling).


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    “Délivré de ta rive” 36 X 54 in | 90 X 135 cm


    Hugo Landry is a young artist in his thirties who lives in Québec city. While his visual art studies gave him the opportunity to develop artistic thinking, his design baccalaureat permitted him to handle more freely with the power of colours.
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    “Life in color” 24 X 60 in | 60 X 150 cm


    After a bachelor's degree in psychology, in 2002, Stephane Langlois completed a D.E.C in sculpture at the Maison des métiers d'art in Quebec City. In 2007, he created his first work of public art for the library of the Collège-des-Jésuites in Québec City. Working with wood and metal, Stephane Langlois participated in several symposiums, contests, jury and his work has been seen in several solo and collective exhibitions.


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    “Branch” 12 X 12 X 9 in| 30 X 30 X 22 cm


    Nathalie Lapointe lives in the Lanaudière area of Quebec, Canada. She begins to express herself in the arts by drawing from the age of 8 years old, touching plastic arts and  then using the watercolor to create emerging environments.  Using shades and shapes, she gave life to landscapes born from her imagination. Oil painting and a formation on fine arts lead her to the interpretation of figurative subjects, from portrait to still life.

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    “Toronto Panoramic” 36 X 60 in | 90 X 150 cm


    Inspired art is an artistic message that is felt on an intrinsic level. The urge to imbue a work with emotions provides viewers with a glimpse into the artist’s very essence and soul.


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    “La photographe” 48 X 36 in | 120 X 90 cm


    An extraordinary artist from Québec, Lisabel Filiatrault is making her mark, worldwide.  With an exceptional blend that only Lisabel brings – bold creativity, expressed passionately with advanced materials – stretching the realm of contemporary art.

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    “Michelle” 22 X 19 in | 55 X 48 cm


    Robert Ouellet graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts de Québec. He studied art to obtain his teaching licence to teach art in high school.

    A product of the hard-edge artistic movement, a style that combines the clear composition of geometric abstraction with the intense colour and bold, unitary forms of colour field painting, he exhibited his work at the École des Beaux-Arts. His work was also featured in the graduating exhibition at the Musée du Québec in 1970.

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    “Geisha Yoconda” 24 X 60 in | 60 X 150 cm


    ONE of Canada’s leading contemporary artists, Charles Pachter is a painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer, historian, and lecturer.


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    Lyse demonstrates an interest for visual arts at an early age and her studies in graphic design will lead to a brilliant career in advertising. In 2002, she decides to pursue her passion and devote her talent entirely to painting.


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    “Charlotte” 36 X 48 in | 90 X 120 cm


    Painter and artist Joanie Rémillard found her artistic calling at a very young age. A native of Saint-Basile-le-Grand in Montérégie, Quebec, Remillard is fond of saying she embodies local talent. Her style is colourful, vibrant, rich, and abstract.


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    Reynaldo Carson

    Yanelis Reynaldo Carson, was born in 1979 in Nicaro in the province of Holguin, Cuba. Yanelis Reynaldo Carson, began painting at an early age in her native Cuba. Since immigrating to Canada, she has continued to grow and evolve as an artist under the mentorship of her husband, internationally renowned artist Charles Carson, grand Master of Fine Art.

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    Sébastien Riopel

    Versatile and current artist, painter RIO exudes an explosive will to live and which he propels fervently on his works as surprising as intriguing. A touch of mystery hovers over each of his creations. Whether in its collections of faces without eyes, stained crystal skulls or fish with transparency, to name only these, you will always find a balance in colors and textures.


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    Jean-Daniel Rohrer was born in 1960 in Switzerland. He graduated from the Academy for Marketing and Communications SA. He then moved to Montréal where he has been worked since 1989. Solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States, France and Switzerland have shaped his international career.


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    “Love I” 36 X 36 in | 90 X 90 cm


    To look at the work of Charles SUCSAN is to enter a world of constant movement where sensibility and spirituality coexist in an expressionist context.


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